Hi, I’m Michelle Tracey Resin and Abstract Artist, from Australia

Michelle Tracey is a Central Coast artist from Australia working primarily in resin. Self-taught, Michelle’s style of painting is intuitive and free-flowing. She is known for her beautiful ocean-inspired artwork that inspires Divine connection.

For that special ocean touch, Michelle loves to incorporate natural elements from the ocean into her artworks. With the addition of sand, seashells, rocks, pebbles and, crystals. Each work of art is uniquely handcrafted with a deep connection to the Spirit of the Ocean.

Michelle enjoys sharing her knowledge of art through producing resin art video tutorials. These video tutorials are available to everyone on YouTube and Instagram.

Michelle's beautiful collection also includes fluid acrylic abstract paintings and fantasy watercolour paintings. These fantasy paintings are also available as adult colouring books and diamond painting kits.

Spirituality plays a daily role in Michelle’s life as an artist. She begins her creative ritual with a clearing and healing meditation. Michelle hopes that people can feel and experience this energy when connecting with her artwork. That it uplifts, inspires, and heals.
Michelle Tracey Signature
“Bringing peaceful Divine energy into souls and homes.”
Australian Ocean Resin Artist Michelle Tracey

What I Create




Inspiring Fantasy ADULT COLORING BOOKS For The Soul

Let’s Talk

Michelle is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have about a business proposal, licensing, an order, product, artwork or anything else. Please get in touch by filling out the form or email [email protected] Check out the FAQs page, you may find your answer there!

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