Hi, I’m Michelle Tracey Abstract & Fantasy Artist, from Australia

I am an intuitive, fluid abstract, and spiritual fantasy artist living on the Central Coast of NSW. Early in 2020, I transition from fantasy watercolour paintings to beautiful acrylic abstract paintings on stretched canvas. My art evolved as I followed a calling to develop a new style that connects me to the flow of Divine energy. In the process, I had discovered a love of fluid acrylic abstract art and now in 2021, beautiful ocean resin art.

These beautiful fluid painting techniques require pouring the paint/resin directly onto the surface and allowing the pigment to flow naturally. By gently guiding and manipulating the flow of pigment, my intuition kicks in. I carefully blow the pigment and tilt the canvas/board around until the composition falls into place beautifully.

Energy work and spirituality play a daily role in my life as an artist. As with all my beautiful creations, I begin my creative ritual with a light-filled clearing and healing meditation. By intending to be a clear channel of the Divine, I anchor high vibrational energy to reach the viewer's highest good and allow the Divine to flow through me. This intention sets the scene for a truly inspirational and light-filled artwork to be gifted.

I understand the spiritual disconnect experienced when caught up in the physical world of day-to-day life. As a self-taught emerging artist, my life's purpose is to bring peaceful Divine energy into souls and homes.
Michelle Tracey Signature with Heart
“Bringing peaceful Divine energy into souls and homes.”

What I Create




Inspiring Fantasy ADULT COLORING BOOKS For The Soul

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Michelle is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have about a business proposal, licensing, an order, product, artwork or anything else. Please get in touch by filling out the form or email [email protected] Check out the FAQs page, you may find your answer there!

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