Call of the Guardians-Fantasy Art-Thumbnail 05 by Michelle Tracey

Original Angel And Raven Fantasy Art

‘Call Of The Guardians’ is an original angel and raven fantasy art by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


Ancient Temple Guardians gather in living and in spirit uniting as one to serve the light, their goal, to protect and guard this sacred place of power. Crows being the keepers of sacred law and ancient records. Ravens the guardians of ceremonial magic, the messengers which carry energy and healing to wherever it is intended. A Guardian Angel embodying spiritual strength, inner peace and unconditional love.

The colours in the stones and environment reflect the energies absorbed from this sacred site; Green = Healing, Purple = Spirituality, Blue = Serenity and Pink = Unconditional Love. The Triple Goddess symbol appearing on the temple represents the waxing, full and waning moon the three manifestations of women. Suggesting a feminine/goddess like energy embodies this sacred place.



Call Of The Guardians


Watercolour Painting


420 x 297mm (A3)


Angels / Watercolours


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