Sea Horse Totem Original Fantasy Art by Michelle Tracey
Sea Horse Totem-Original Fantasy Art-Thumbnail 09 by Michelle Tracey

Original Seahorse Fantasy Painting

‘Seahorse Totem’ is an original seahorse fantasy painting by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


“Loving, kind, a shining star,
you are perfect just the way you are.”

– Message from Seahorse Totem

Seahorses really haven’t evolved over time, they are content with who they are, they are all that they require and as a result do not feel the need to change or conform. (well, why would they? They are so darn cute!) It is quite endearing and admirable. Just be sure you don’t become too inflexible or stubborn, instead, find a healthy balance between self-acceptance and openness.

It is the male who experiences the joy of pregnancy… Awesome! Once again, this message is about balance. Perhaps finding a healthy balance in your relationship? Do you feel you are carrying most of the load/responsibilities? Seahorses have great visual perception so, take a moment to look around from all angles and situations and really open your eyes.

It truly is a wonderful trait to care for others just be sure you also receive in return. You deserve it too!

In any case Seahorses offers great protection. So, it is ok to let your guard down once in a while, try it and you’ll see it’s not so scary after all.



Seahorse Totem




Watercolour Painting


12 x 16 inches

Totem Collection / Watercolour


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