Sienna and the Deer Celebrate Halloween Original Fairy Fantasy Art by Michelle Tracey
Sienna and the Deer Celebrate Halloween-Original Fairy Fantasy Art Thumbnail 14 by Michelle Tracey

Original Halloween Fairy Painting

‘Sienna And The Deer Celebrate Halloween’ is an original halloween fairy painting by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


“Lift your mask, honor your uniqueness.”

Woven into the fabric of our multi-dimensional Being lay your inherent gifts, both conscious and concealed. Do not be afraid to shine, lift the veil – explore, create, play, dance with life, reveal the Divine spark you are! Celebrate you and the World shall beam with joy.

This artwork is blessed with the powerful Earth symbol the ‘Pentacle’. May this symbol of alignment and balance evoke the magic within your heart to bring forth the unique, ever delightful joy of your Soul.



Sienna And The Deer Celebrate Halloween


Sienna The Endeering Collection


Watercolour Painting


12 x 16 inches

Fairies / Sienna The Endeering Collection / Watercolours​


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