Sienna and the Deer Grace Autumn Original Fairy Fantasy Art by Michelle Tracey
Sienna and the Deer Grace Autumn_Original Fairy Fantasy Art Thumbnail 07 by Michelle Tracey

Original Autumn Fairy Painting

‘Sienna And The Deer Grace Autumn’ is an original autumn fairy painting by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


“Plant your seeds, honor your inner harvest.”

Allow yourself to gently flow with the winds of change as your inner being prepares for a quiet, yet powerful time of renewal. Seek balance with a grateful heart and know, that through honouring the cycles of nature we find patience, acceptance, perseverance and ultimately, transformation.

This artwork is blessed with the powerful Rune symbol ‘Beorc’. May this symbol of the Divine Earth Mother awaken your soul to release all that is no longer necessary, to illuminate your path as you reflect upon and nurture the essence within.



Sienna And The Deer Grace Autumn


Sienna The Endeering Collection


Watercolour Painting


12 x 16 inches

Fairies / Sienna The Endeering Collection / Watercolours​


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