Sienna and the Deer In Dreamtime Original Fairy Fantasy Art by Michelle Tracey
Sienna and the Deer in Dreamtime_Original Fairy Fantasy Art_Thumbnail 07 by Michelle Tracey

Original Fairy And Moon Painting

‘Sienna And The Deer In Dream Time’ is an original fairy and moon painting by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


“Dream big, reach for the stars, you have the power to create.”

In moments of peace and quiet retreat, behind closed eyes, our light body is awakened, free to reach beyond the Earthly constraints of time and space, utterly receptive and ripe for creation. Here, we walk with the Universe, and through clear, honourable intention, we unlock the key to our heart’s desire.

This artwork is blessed with the symbol of the ‘North Star’. May this symbol of strength and spiritual direction remind you of the Divine spark a glow within, always guiding you toward love, light and your greatest dreams.



Sienna And The Deer In Dream Time


Sienna The Endeering Collection


Watercolour Painting


12 x 16 inches

Fairies / Sienna The Endeering Collection / Watercolours​


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