Original Fairy And Dolphin Painting at the ocean with sea turtle, deer, shell and dragonflies. Beautiful.
Original Fairy And Dolphin Painting​ available as Art Prints and Canvas Art Print.

Original Fairy And Dolphin Painting

‘Sienna And The Deer Ocean Blessings’ is an original fairy and dolphin painting by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


“Flow with the light of the ocean.”

As dawn awakens our mighty ocean, the ebb and flow of life are again revealed. Beneath her drifting surface lay mystery, dreams, and inner streams of ever flowing potential. Let us give thanks as we bask in her soft embrace. May her sweet nurture serve to soothe, cleanse, heal and renew the light of your soul.

This artwork is blessed with the powerful Rune symbol ‘Dagaz’. May this symbol of rebirth and spiritual awakening encourage you to seek the light through your Divine connection, and know the dark of fear is now transformed. 



Sienna And The Deer Ocean Blessings


Sienna The Endeering Collection


Watercolour Painting


16 x 12 inches

Fairies / Sienna The Endeering Collection / Watercolours​


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