Sienna and the Deer Seek the Forest-Original Fairy Fantasy Art by Michelle Tracey
Sienna and the Deer Seek the Forest_Original Fairy Fantasy Art_Thumbnail 03 by Michelle Tracey

Original Forest Fairy Painting

‘Sienna And The Deer Seek The Forest’ is an original forest fairy painting by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


“Follow your path, let intuition be the light that guides you.”

As we weave through the course of life, it is only natural to at times become lost, disconnected or uncertain. Do not be concerned, for deep within dwells the realm of undiscovered potential. Be still in your thoughts and the voice of your soul shall be heard.

This artwork is blessed with the powerful symbol ‘Triple Goddess’. May this symbol of the Divine feminine empower, guide and strengthen your honoured connection to the subtle energies within, and around you.



Sienna And The Deer Seek The Forest


Sienna The Endeering Collection


Watercolour Painting


16 x 12 inches

Fairies / Sienna The Endeering Collection / Watercolours​


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