Snake Totem Original Fantasy Art by Michelle Tracey
Snake Totem Original Fantasy Reptile Painting-Thumbnail 09 by Michelle Tracey

Original Snake Fantasy Painting

‘Snake Totem’ is an original snake fantasy painting by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


“Shed old skin, embrace change,
glide through life with ease and grace.”

– Message from Snake Totem

Change is coming. It’s time to shed old skin, old beliefs and habits to which we have outgrown and that no longer serve us.

In order to prepare for a smooth transition, release any fear you hold about change. When we accept the cycle of death and rebirth which occurs time and time again in many facets of our lives and personalities, it is then we are able to glide through these life changes with ease and grace.

Change is a good thing, without it were would we be?



Snake Totem




Watercolour Painting


12 x 16 inches

Totem Collection / Watercolour


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