Abstract Coastal Art. Turquoise, white and copper painting.
Abstract Coastal Painting. Turquoise, white and copper artwork.

Original Abstract Painting

‘Unity Beneath The Surface’ is an original abstract painting by spiritual fantasy and abstract artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original abstract painting below.

About Beneath The Surface Collection

Beneath the surface and beyond the physical, lies an inner landscape rich with experiences, energy, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. Calm and still like a lake or flowing like a river, these wonderous elements meander our subconscious shaping our outer landscape. To experience a change in the physical world, first, we must transform the inner world beneath the surface.

In this painting, the dark copper is the dark parts of Self, our ego with the turquoise/white purity of our Soul. A rhythmical dance between dark and light, together compliment each other so beautifully. There is beauty in the unity of dark and light. Once we change our viewpoint, a magnificent shimmer of metallic copper catches the light. Accepting both the positive and negative aspects of ourselves as part of the Soul’s journey, we ultimately embrace our whole Self. Emerging these two individual parts into one exquisite and free-flowing version of Self.

Where there is Water, there is the opportunity to gaze into our innermost reflection. In the outer environment of the natural world, our waterways transform to reflect the constant changes taking place within the inner landscape of the collective consciousness of the human race.



Unity Beneath The Surface


Beneath The Surface


Acrylic Painting


20 x 30 inches



Abstract / Acrylic / Beneath The Surface Collection


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