Wanderer-Original Fantasy Painting by Michelle Tracey
Wanderer_Original Fantasy Painting Thumbnail 04 by Michelle Tracey

Original Mythical Creature Painting

‘Wanderer’ is an original mythical creature painting by spiritual fantasy artist, Michelle Tracey. Learn more about Michelle’s original watercolour painting below.


As I began the initial sketching, my plans of creating a painting with masculine energy seemed to elude me. As the vision of a Monarch (Wanderer) butterfly appeared persistently in my mind’s eye, ‘No’ ‘Not another butterfly?’ (As much as I love them, I felt it would defuse the masculine energy).

A walk will clear my mind and assist with this decision, was I right! A massive Monarch butterfly flew directly in front of me landing on the parked car beside me. Startled, I stopped, placed my hand on the car bonnet, and watched in amazement as this little messenger climbed onto my hand! Um, ok I guess that’s a yes. Just so I’m convinced, two days later I pick up a library book on watercolour painting, and guess what I open the page too? A Monarch butterfly! Gotta love divine guidance.





Watercolour Painting


16 x 12 inches​

Mermaids / Watercolours


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