“My art connects me to the universal Divine energy which makes me feel peaceful and uplifted.”

I create art to strengthen my connection to the Divine and higher consciousness. My art connects me to universal Divine energy that makes me feel peaceful and uplifted. A therapeutic and beneficial way of managing and living with anxiety.

Here is my journey;

Returning home from an overseas working holiday at 31 years old, I was unhappy and uninspired working in an office as a Graphic Designer. My body was suffering from severe chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. After my first day working in a new and ideal, well paid graphic design job, I had to quit working altogether and apply for a disability pension.

Seeking higher insight, one day, a psychic delivered a message, “You should paint! You would be good at it. Painting will help restore your confidence and help to heal the anxiety and depression”. So, I picked up a paintbrush. I realized that I had been on the wrong path. A graphic design career was a stable 9-5 job. However, I was not nourishing my soul or being true to who I was as an artist and lightworker. This insight led me on a journey to self-healing and reconnecting to my passion for spirituality and art.

Today, I have my own art business. I am managing my health better and, with spiritual awareness, I can view situations from a higher perspective. Energy work and spirituality play a daily role in my life as an artist. I am grateful for the blessing of Divine intervention. I am now enjoying bringing peaceful Divine energy into souls and homes.

– Michelle Tracey

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