Sienna Fairy Fantasy Artwork by Michelle Tracey SIENNA The Endeering Collection

Who is Sienna?

Sienna is a celestial fairy from the stars, guiding humans on their Earth journey, enhancing our connection with all. By shining a light on our path she works to raise our vibrations, illuminate our minds and activate our hearts to their true potential.

Sienna reminds us of the light within, how this connects us to nature and all her creatures, to Source, the Universe and all souls. Her message is one of hope and empowerment, encouraging all people of Earth to follow their own light, to shine bright like the unique star they are.

Who is the Deer?

Sienna’s loving companion the deer is part of her soul family, sharing the same star markings as Sienna. Like humans, Sienna also cares for animals, nurturing their spirits and helping them find their way home. The beautiful deer shares with us messages of kindness, gentleness, acceptance and unconditional love.


A powerful symbol is featured in each painting to infuse the artwork with high vibrational healing energies. The symbols include aspects of Reiki, Rune and Celtic impressions.

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